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Barry Sutton – Plantar’s Warts


I had Plantar Warts for over 25 years. They were spread over the balls and heels of both feet. They were incredibly uncomfortable and unsightly. I had them painfully removed (burned out) in 1995 but within 8 years they were back with a vengeance.

I met John at Ortho-Care in 2007. I presented with Plantar Fasciitis and continuing severe Plantar Warts. John explained that even though the general medical view is that there is no effective treatment of the condition, in his opinion it is not a coincidence that Plantar Warts tend to occur in the high pressure areas of the base of the foot. Further, he had been experimenting with a strategy of “off-loading” the affected, high pressure areas with custom orthotics equipped with a unique, breathable topcover that had silver thread (literally thread made out of the metal silver). Apparently fungus and bacteria cannot survive near silver. He explained that this topcover is considerably more expensive than traditional materials yet he did not charge me more… in fact he charged me less than my previous supplier. More importantly, my Plantar Warts went away completely within 6 months (which was exactly John’s prediction) and have never returned. PLANTAR WARTS GONE!!!

My Plantar Fasciitis went away too!

Thanks John!

Barry Sutton
Waterloo Regional District School Board

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