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Brigitte Zanini – Nurse practitioner

Dear Mr. Does:

I am a nurse case manager whose function is to liaise with clients, their family members and health care professionals to assess, recommend and arrange rehabilitation services. In my work, I have been afforded the opportunity of being involved with many clients who have sustained orthopaedic injuries and for which a variety of resolutions have been obtained through the provision of different treatment modalities, some of which may be considered unconventional. I have observed that, if the client has faith in the viability of the treatment offered, generally, there is a good response. I always seek out the best treatment available for the specific needs of the client.

In my capacity as a nurse case manager, a member of the client’s team, suggested that I consider the services of an orthotics fitter. Having directed clients to pedorthists in the past, without much success, I was sceptical. After much research, I enlisted your services. While in attendance at your treatment sessions with the client, I was very impressed with your individualized attention to the client, your willingness to provide a full explanation, including expected outcome, and your encouraging manner. I was most especially impressed with your dedication to the client’s needs, particularly your willingness to allow the client access to you at any time, at no additional cost.

On first recommending orthotics to the client, she too expressed scepticism, especially as she had been living with knee and heel discomfort for a protracted timeframe. Over a six week period of continual wearing of the orthotics provided, I was pleasantly surprised by the client’s honest report that, not only had the orthotics resolved her knee and heel discomfort, but she was headache-free as well. As her case manager, having worked with such clients for 40 years, I know that pain can be so distracting that it negatively impacts on all aspects of the individual’s life, thus reducing self-confidence. As a result of the withdrawal of the pain through use of this one item, and the manner in which your services were administered, this client has a greater daily potential and, thus, the ability to experience a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I wish to thank you, Mr. Does, for your dedication to my client and I wish you every success in your future endeavours.

Yours very truly,

Brigitte Zanini, RN, RRP, CVP
Case Manager


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