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The information below is designed to aid in the decision of choosing an orthotic provider:

1.     Visit a certified professional in a clinic that MAKES orthotics, not one that simply SELLS orthotics. Unfortunately, this advice eliminates the majority of providers in central Ontario. There is a potential disconnect when the individual assessing the patient has never made orthotics and the lab technician crafting the orthotic has no assessment experience (and has not seen the patient.) Further, if adjustments are necessary, a provider that MAKES orthotics will often be able to do the work while the patient waits, allowing for a quick trial before departure.  Ortho-Care does not simply SELL orthotics, we MAKE orthotics in our own lab.

2.     Ask the provider what they charge for an assessment. Some providers charge for the assessment, charge again for the casting, and then charge again for the orthotics. We are not suggesting that this is good or bad. It is simply nice to know in advance.  Ortho-Care does not charge for assessments or casting. There is a fee for orthotics once it is agreed that the patient is a good candidate for orthotic therapy.

3.     Ask the clinic about the raw materials they use to craft the orthotics, as materials vary in cost, effectiveness, and patient tolerance. If your provider can only show you an orthotic sample, but otherwise cannot describe the attributes of the materials, you may want to visit a clinic that understands which materials are best suited to your condition / needs. Ortho-Care will discuss the recommended raw materials, which are always based on optimizing performance & comfort, rather than reducing costs.

4.     Ask how long it will take to receive the orthotics. If you have decided that you are satisfied working with a provider that does not make orthotics, understand that you may have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for custom orthotics to be manufactured, quite possibly outside of Canada. This is not optimal (or necessary) if you are in pain. Most providers that actually MAKE orthotics will turn them around in under 2 weeks. Ortho-Care Precision Orthotics are ready in 3-7 days.

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