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Up until the age of approximately four, most kids have flat feet. The foot does not fully form until age 4 or 5.

However, after the age of four flat feet are NOT normal. The arch should increase by approximately 1 degree annually until age 7-9.

In fact, after the age of 6 or 7, a flat foot will simply not correct itself…..


Fixing poor gait mechanics in children is LONG TERM LIFE ALTERING.
We are pleased to offer a no charge / no obligation assessment of your child.

Note from the founder and president:

The little girl whose legs and feet are in the video above (Do my Children Need Orthotics) is Samantha, or ‘Little Sammy’ and is a close friend of my family. Some years ago, she sat on the grass at a birthday party and watched the girls run and play. When I assessed her for orthotics, she revealed that her knees were sore every day and that she thought that everyone’s knees felt like that. In other words, she was not only in pain, but she thought other kids were also in pain but they could simply handle their pain better than her. She has been pain free and more active since getting her orthotics and is a wonderfully energetic little supporter of Ortho-Care.


Child obesity rates are significantly higher in children with flat feet. If your child likes the couch, or constantly wants to be held and carried, chances are their foot type and interaction with ground forces elicit pain. Do not mistake a less than ideal foot type with a lazy or needy child. A no cost assessment with a professional may be life altering.

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